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Legislative drafting services

David Elliott has drafted Acts, regulations, rules, and bylaws for close to 40 years, including 10 years in the Alberta Legislative Counsel Office. In private practice since 1978, David has drafted legislation for federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal jurisdictions, for First Nations, and for the New Zealand government. He is qualified in law in Alberta, and qualified, though not practising, in England and Wales, and New Zealand.

David's legislative drafting practice includes developing and drafting policy for non-governmental organizations as well as for governments. He is an internationally recognized advocate of clarity in legislation.

Dispute resolution activities

David has acted as a labour relations arbitrator for over 25 years, both as sole arbitrator and as chair of arbitration boards.

David is a member of the Board of Reference appointed under Alberta's School Act.  He was the first chair of the Sahtu Dené Metis Arbitration Panel formed to adjudicate claims under their Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, and has served as a member of a panel of arbitrators and mediators established to assist in resolving disputes in amateur sport administered by the Centre for Sport and Law and later by ADRsportRED.

David co-founded the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. He is co-author of Grievance Mediation: Why and How it Works (Canada Law Book).

Retired, 2014