Legislative Drafting

The following articles and papers are available for viewing and downloading. If you have trouble downloading, please e-mail me and I will e-mail you a copy of the paper.

           [A paper presented in February 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon, to a conference considering how to improve legislative drafting standards.]


[A paper explaining how to develop instructions for legislative drafting.]


           [A paper submitted to the Select Special Committee on Parliamentary Reform of the Alberta Legislative Assembly.]


           [A booklet version of the larger paper mentioned above (Getting Better Drafting Instructions for Legislative Drafting).]



[This paper describes some techniques that have been used to help simplify complex legislation.  The paper was published by the New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy in Vol 3, September 1997, No 3, at p 153.  That volume contains other excellent papers on drafting.]


[From time to time it seems appropriate to use examples in legislation. This article gives the arguments in favour of using examples and gives examples of the examples.]


[This is the submission made by Clarity to the United Kingdom's Hansard Society Commission on the Legislative Process.]


[I once did a little looking into the origins of statutes. This document is a collection of extracts from various texts.  The extracts are not edited]


[A booklet describing some ways to assess whether a regulation is the most appropriate response to a problem.]


[A booklet suggesting guidelines for designing effective regulations.]


[A booklet reviewing schemes for enforcing regulations.]


            [A paper presented to an International Conference on Legal Language, Aarhus, Denmark, 1994.]


            [Some suggestions for improving the drafting of municipal bylaws.]


            [An article tracing legislative drafting through the centuries.]


           [A paper presented to the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice Legislative Drafting Conference, 1990.]